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Our organization was founded after several of our members visited the Good Shepherd Mission as part of a mission trip. They witnessed God’s love and grace being shared so freely, in caring for orphans, healing the sick, feeding the hungry with such compassion and faith, despite having limited resources. Our members felt called to help sustain their vital services that provide free medical care, refuge and compassion in a poverty stricken area of India.

Our team is made up entirely of volunteers. These volunteers cover 100% of the costs meaning 100% of your donation goes directly to Good Shepherd Mission in Puttur, India. We advocate for those who need our help. Even a little help goes a long way.

We are especially happy to find new volunteers and donors who share our commitment to doing good in the world. Do you want to support us by helping with our work? Then do not hesitate to contact us. A helping hand is always greatly appreciated!

Your Support Will Make a Difference

Like any hospital or treatment center, the daily functioning of Good Shepherd Hospital relies on the generosity of people like you.

The GSM Foundation has made it a priority to provide the funds necessary to keep the hospital running and continue to offer modern medical care to the people of Puttur and the surrounding areas regardless of their ability to pay.

Since the hospital was built nearly ten years ago, operating costs have continued to increase. Costs include doctor and staff salaries, purchase of medicine, glasses, and other medical supplies, and the purchase and upkeep of medical equipment. Please consider donating to support the mission at GSM.

Good Shepherd Mission Projects

Here are a few of the services we provide to those in need through the GSM Foundation in Puttur, India.

Hospital Support

Hospital Support

The Good Shepherd Mission Hospital is the only modern hospital in an area of several million people. All services are FREE. The primary medical services supported by the foundation and your donations include: Obstetrics and Prenatal Care, Gynecological exams and surgeries, Cataract Surgeries, Dental exams and extractions, and a Pharmacy dispensing medicine.

HIV AIDS TB Cottages

HIV/AIDS/TB Cottages

The Good Shepherd Mission HIV/AIDS/TB facility serves as a refuge for those suffering from these diseases and their families. Outcast from their villages, these residents receive housing, food, support, love, and acceptance at the GSM compound. The Foundation also supplies transportation to the government hospitals that distribute very limited drugs to help combat these epidemics.

Medical Camps

Medical Camps

Medical camps are conducted frequently in the surrounding villages. These camps supply necessary vaccines for thousands of individuals who live around GSM Puttur, India.

A Brief History

In 1979, Brother Henry Bhasker and his wife, Viola, were both schoolteachers in the public school system in Puttur, India. Early in that year, they were involved in a near fatal automobile accident. While both were seriously injured, Viola suffered the more severe injuries, and her survival was very much in question. Both Henry and Viola are third generation Christians, and both of them have a very strong faith.

Henry prayed for Viola’s recovery, and made a promise to God that if Viola would survive her injuries and recover, he and Viola would begin a mission in the name of Jesus Christ. Viola did recover, and shortly thereafter Henry and Viola took into their home two orphans from the village of Puttur. Thus began the Good Shepherd Mission, a facility which was destined to grow and prosper and become a real force for good in the name of Jesus Christ.

The Bhaskers soon outgrew their little home, and they found an old building which was for rent just outside the village of Puttur. They moved their home to this building and began to look for more orphans who needed their help. They were also able to buy a small piece of land which was adjacent to the rented building.

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100% of Your Donation Goes to GSM in Puttur, India!

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All costs for the foundation are paid for by the Foundation’s Board Members. Do you want to support us by helping with our work? Please donate to our mission. 100% of your donation goes for the efforts in India. A helping hand is always greatly appreciated!

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